C  O  M  P  E  T  I  T  I  O  N        I  M  A  G  E  R  Y

Competition imagery is an important aspect to any architectural process. Many of our artists come from an architectural background so we understand the complexity and iterative nature of designing, especially at an early stage. Often at this stage the scheme hasn't been finalised and is based upon an idea, we work to emphasise and showcase the architectural intent, focusing on the key concepts that are the basis for the design.

M  A  R  K  E  T  I  N  G     I  M  A  G  E  R  Y

Our team at Blackpoint Design work alongside leading architectural practices and developers to produce high end photo realistic renders that showcase completed designs. By this stage in the process, every aspect of the building has been intelligently thought out and carefully detailed, so our artists ensure that as much attention and care is incorporated into the image, ensuring high quality and creating a unique atmospheres for each image.

Planning applications are an essential part of the construction process which often require accurate visual representations, wire-lines, massing or realistic renders. Blackpoint Design has developed a precise and efficient methodology, working with a specialist team of surveyors to ensure thoroughness and accuracy throughout the entire process. We often collaborate with Townscape and Heritage Consultants, with our Graphic Design Team creating professional Design and Access Statements to support the planning process.

A N I M A T I O N S    /    F L Y T H R O U G H

Fly-throughs and animations can tell a lot about a design and are a great tool to emphasise the key routes and spaces throughout the proposal. Blackpoint Design offer many different types of animation - from the more stylistic approach to highly detailed photo-realism. We can also implement info-graphics and graphic overlays to deliver high quality presentation pieces.

3 6 0   P A N O R A M A S   /   V R 

Virtual reality and interactive 360 viewpoints can be a key tool in experiencing the spaces created within the scheme and allowing the user / client to experience the building before it has been realised. Blackpoint Design work with cutting edge technology to produce these interactive displays, whilst being able to keep the quality and atmosphere consistent with the studio's renowned style.